March 2017

Reshae Brandenburg- Cuevas will speak on “Just in Time for Foster Youth” which services the youth ages 18-26 that are aging out of the foster care system, and need continuous support. According to Brandenburg-Cuevas, “We all know that at 18 you don’t have the world figured out yet. At Just in Time, we focus on getting the youth confident, connected and capable to be on their own. We do this by providing items for their first apartments, teaching them financial literacy, getting connected with coaches or mentors who can push them into their careers, and being an extended family for them. I never had the opportunity to be a participant of Just in Time, however I love seeing all my youth grow into amazing young people. As I had mentioned, I am a Ramona High School graduate “05 and Ramona was a huge part of my success from transitioning out of the foster care system, from school staff to families who took me in as their own. Now married with two beautiful boys, I love to share my story and have such a passion to push our young people in the right direction.”