May 2013

Get your tickets for our yearly theater event. This year on Wednesday, June 12, we will see Spamalot at Lawrence Welk. Tickets are $31.50 each. We will meet at the Clubhouse for those who would like to carpool. Please call KaarenThiem at 760-788-4840 for more details. Deadline for Kaaren to receive your ticket money is May 29.

San Vicente Valley Club’s general meeting and luncheon will be on Wednesday, May 29th at the San Vicente Valley Resort, 24157 San Vicente Road. The luncheon is open to the public; guests are encouraged to make reservations at the front desk or call Russ Ann Zazas (760)788-5571 by Friday May 24th. The cost is $12.00.  If a cancellation is necessary please contact Russ Ann. May 2013 Flyer

The hard work that students put into school is paying off for some of them this month as we award them our scholarships. We will also be inducting our new officers. Please join us to celebrate these two events.