Board/By Laws

By – Laws and Standing Rules

Adopted 1980, Revised 1987, 1989, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2015


The name of this non-profit organization shall be SAN VICENTE VALLEY CLUB. It is organized for charitable and social purposes and shall provide an opportunity for members to become acquainted with others in the community. It shall provide an atmosphere for the increase of members’ knowledge concerning the principles and functioning of citizens in the local community and shall undertake and promote charitable and humanitarian projects within the community. In addition, it shall promote the formation of enduring friendships.


Section 1 Club membership shall be composed of residents of the community of Ramona and surrounding areas, all of whom agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club.

Section 2 All dues paying members are eligible to hold an office, chair a committee, and/or belong to the Club’s special interest groups.


Section 1 The annual dues shall be determined by the members of the Club.

Section 2 A prospective member may attend one general meeting as a guest.

Section 3 Dues are payable on June 1. Dues for new members joining after January 1 shall be reduced by 50%.


Section 1 The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate past-president, as an ex-officio member with Executive Board voting privileges.

Section 2 The Executive Board has full voting power and is the governing body of the Club.

Section 3 Duties of the Executive Board are to coordinate plans and activities of the Club, to manage the Club and its affairs, and to approve all programs and activities. The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary.

Section 1 The elected officers of the Club shall be the Executive Board: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2 The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Board. The President shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided in these By-Laws. The President, in consultation with the Treasurer, shall draft an annual budget for approval of the board by its October meeting.

Section 3 The FIRST VICE PRESIDENT shall serve as Charitable Events Coordinator of the Club, shall assist the President, and in the absence of the President, shall discharge the duties of the President.

Section 4 The SECOND VICE PRESIDENT shall be the Membership Chairperson of the Club and shall appoint at least three (3) members to assist. The Second Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and First Vice President. (See Article IX, Section 6)

Section 5 The RECORDING SECRETARY shall keep an approved record of all the proceedings of the Club and of the Executive Board.

Section 6 The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall conduct the correspondence of the Club, except when otherwise provided.

Section 7 The TREASURER shall receive and deposit all funds of the Club, and pay all bills by check signed by the Treasurer or by the President, or Recording Secretary in absence of the Treasurer.

At the general meeting each month, the Treasurer shall make a statement of the financial condition of the Club. At the Annual Meeting of the Club, the Treasurer shall submit a complete statement of accounts.

An annual audit of the finances shall be performed within thirty (30) days after the end of the fiscal year. The Auditing Committee shall be chaired by the outgoing Treasurer, and consisting of the incoming Treasurer and one Club member.


Section 1 The report of the Auditing Committee shall be presented to the Executive Board prior to the first general meeting in September. The report shall be included on the agenda of the first general meeting. The fiscal year runs from June 1 through May 31.

Section 2 All unbudgeted expenditures over $100 must be approved by the Executive Board.


Section 1 The NOMINATING COMMITTEE of five (5) members shall be chosen in January. One (1) shall be past President of the Club, two (2) shall be appointed by the Board from their members (one of these shall be Chairperson), and two (2) members shall be nominated at the general meeting.

Section 2 At the general meeting in February, the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall present a list of candidates for the offices of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 3 At the March general meeting the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers shall again be presented to the membership. Nominations from the floor may be made at this time. Election of officers shall then be made by a show of hands.

Section 4 At the May general meeting, the new officers shall be installed.

Section 5 A Board appointee shall fill a vacancy in any office.


Section 1 There shall be a minimum of six (6) general meetings per fiscal year, at which Club business may be transacted. Reports shall be made by committee chairpersons and special interest groups so all Club members are informed of Club activities. Special meetings may be called by the President whenever necessary. The Annual Meeting is held in May at which time officers will be installed.

Section 2 There shall be no general meetings in July and August. The new Board shall commence general meetings in September.


Section 1 All Committee Chairpersons appointed by the President shall serve one (1) year.

Section 2 Committee Chairpersons shall consult with the President and Executive Board so as to carry out the Club’s programs/activities, and shall call committee meetings when necessary. They shall report their activities to all incoming Committee Chairpersons at the end of their year in office.

Section 3 The Social Committee shall consist of the Chairperson and at least two (2) assistants. They shall coordinate with the Membership chairperson the New Member Tea and plan fun activities at General meetings..

Section 4 The Scholarship and Community Funding Chairperson shall be responsible for finding the beneficiaries of the fund raising proceeds of the Club and shall appoint sub-committees, if needed. All applications for student scholarships and community funding shall be requested in writing and submitted to this committee by May 1.

Section 5 The Publicity Chairperson shall prepare the articles for publication of the Club activities each month, including arrangements for photographers for special events.

Section 6 The Membership Committee shall consist of the Chairperson and at least three (3) assistants, and shall be responsible for taking reservations for regular meetings, collecting membership dues, keeping the membership list up-to-date, preparing the Club roster, and coordinating with the Social Chairperson the New Member Tea.

Section 7 The Historian shall be responsible for preserving the history of the Club year in a scrapbook, which shall include pictures and newspaper articles.

Section 8 The Program Chairperson shall arrange programs for the Club year, subject to the Board’s approval. These duties include hosting the speaker, arranging for audiovisual equipment and special room configurations as needed and providing information to the Publicity Chairperson by newspaper deadlines.


Section 1 A quorum at any general meeting shall consist of twenty (20) members. A motion may be passed by a majority of members present and in good standing.

Section 2 A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of a simple majority of its membership, four (4) members.


Section 1 These By-Laws by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting, may be amended at any general or special business meeting, provided that a copy of the proposed changes shall have been made available to each member at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

Section 2 An amendment may be proposed by the Executive Board, or by five (5) or more members. The members shall submit their proposal in writing to the Executive Board for presentation at the general meeting.


Section 1 Rules of Order. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern this organization in all cases not covered in these By-Laws.


Section 1 It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to advise the presiding officer on points of parliamentary law and to give similar advice to the organization and the Executive Board when they request it. The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the President.


A) Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the Club President, and should not chair more than one (1) committee during the Club year.

B) Special Committee Chairs and members may attend Board meetings only while their job is in force. Upon completion of their job, they will step down with gratitude and appreciation.

C) Members may be invited to attend special Board meetings at the pleasure of the Club President.

D) In order to participate in the various interest groups affiliated with the Club, participants must be members of the Club in accordance with By-Laws, Article II.

E) No one (member, guest or other person) is permitted to sell or advertise any products or services at Club functions, except by written permission from the Board, and only when under the auspices of a program of the Club. However gifts, door prizes, or table favors, with permission of the Executive Board, will be greatly appreciated.

F) Only by permission of the Executive Board, may drawings for a specific purpose be held at Club meetings, i .e., an emergency situation, a non-profit organization, or an individual with a direct need.

G) Monies raised at major charitable events are to be used for beneficiaries designated by the Scholarship and Community Funding Committee with Executive Board approval. Funds may not be used for specific individuals without approval by the San Vicente Valley Club membership, or for any item that comes under the San Diego Country Estates Association Budget that requires on-going upkeep or maintenance.

1. Written requests for funding shall include information on the type of organization, its function, its financial sources, its needs and how it contributes to the residents of Ramona.

2. The slate of fund beneficiaries (selected by the Scholarship and Community Funding Committee) shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

3. If the slate is not approved as presented, any changes or suggestions shall be so noted and sent back to the committee for further review and evaluation. The slate shall then be resubmitted to the Executive Board for approval.

H) Seven Ways to Nurture Self-Esteem in Others

1.Give Personal Attention. To provide this, we need to learn to listen respectfully.

2.Demonstrate Respect, Acceptance, and Support. Human beings need to be treated with respect from the first moment of their lives.

3.Encourage Healthy Achievement. Living with expectations creates meaning in people’s lives.

4.Provide a Sensible Structure. To explore and grow, human beings need limits, guidance, and rules that are enforced consistently and fairly.

5.Appreciate the Benefits of a Multi-Cultural Society. Diversity is a source of strength.

6.Negotiate Conflicts. It is never appropriate to inflict injury, shame, or humiliation on another human being.

7.Encourage Autonomy and Competence. We act responsibly when we encourage people to grow beyond dependence; to struggle–and succeed–in order to develop a sense of competence.

I) Amendments to Standing Rules:

These Standing Rules may be amended at any general meeting. A quorum at such a meeting is to be as set forth in Article X of the Club By-Laws.

These By-Laws and Standing Rules were amended October 2008.