March 2016

Jeremy Manley of Jeremy's On the Hill

Jeremy Manley of Jeremy’s On the Hill

Chef Jeremy Manley from Jeremy’s on the Hill will be our speaker. The magic began at the age of ten when Jeremy wandered into his family’s commercial kitchen.  By 13, Jeremy was catering weddings and retreats for hundreds of guests.  After high school, he went to Cordon Bleu for his classical training, and at the age of 21, opened his first restaurant, Jeremy’s on the Hill. When you are in a restaurant, is your food coming from right around the corner, in the neighborhood, across the country, or from overseas?  Not all countries have the same food regulations, with products coming from all over the world, food knowledge is more important than ever.  With a greater focus on local sustainability and organic, pesticide free food, eating locally sourced food has become easier than ever before.  When you buy your produce from a local farmer or farmer’s market, you are ensuring that you are getting the highest, best quality produce available, and eating what your body is naturally craving.  Many local farms have a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA), where you make a weekly or bi-weekly commitment to the farm, and in return, receive a wonderful box of fresh, seasonal produce.  Additionally, you are supporting the local economy and families right in your neighborhood, and fewer people are involved in what you are eating. Eight years later, Jeremy’s has become a destination restaurant, featuring farm to table cuisine with a commitment to sustainability. Specializing in local proteins and produce, Chef Jeremy also provides culinary delights for vegan and gluten-free guests as well. Everything is crafted by hand, including the extraordinary desserts.  Two years ago, Chef Jeremy began catering the school lunch program, becoming one of California’s first farm to table school lunch programs.